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Biography PhotoKeung Chui
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Keung Chui has served as the chairman of our board of directors since the establishment of Phoenix New Media Limited in November 2007. Mr. Chui has served as the deputy chief executive officer in charge of administration of Phoenix Satellite Television Company Limited since 1998. He served as vice chairman of the board of directors of Hong Kong Letian Development Limited from 1993 to 1996. From 1980 to 1992, Mr. Chui worked at China Central People's Radio Station, where he served as a journalist, editor and senior editor. Mr. Chui has served as a director of Phoenix SatelliteTelevision Company Limited since 1996 and is a director of numerous subsidiaries of Phoenix TV. Mr. Chui has also served as a director of PCNE Holdings Limited since 2000, a director of Shenzhen Wutongshan TV and Broadcasting Co., Ltd. since 2001 and a director of Green Lagoon Investments Limited since 2006. Mr. Chui received a bachelor's degree from Fudan University.
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